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Our Variety Show Night Treasure has reached new levels of crazy! Last Night we broadcast over Google + and had 100 people watching at the highest point. So much fun interacting with a live audience and a web crowd. Thanks to everyone who tuned in! This is the end of the show from the internets perspective. It’s weird because I think there was music playing but you can’t hear it at all so we look psycho. I think we’re on to something cool! Check out sweet moves by Kat Toledo, Aaron Kheifets, Bridgid Ryan, Chad and Carly Howard, and Doug Stoley!


Night Treasure! A Sparrowtree Event
The monthly variety show hosted by
That Annoying Couple (Shannon Coffey and Rob Michael Hugel: UCB, Bread and Butter)
Returns to 17 Frost.

This month!
Jason Sáenz (stand up: UCB, Too Cool for School)
Doug Stoley (music: Dumb and Dumber Soundtrack, Late Night W Conan O’brien)
Boners 101 (video by Johnny Mcnulty and Aaron Kheifets: UCB, A-Side B-Side, College Humor TV)
and some surprises as always!

The show will stream LIVE and be interactive on Hangout Party!

Thursday August 25, Doors at 8pm. Show starts at 830!
$7 (in person) Free on the internet!

Map to 17 Frost