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We took a few months off but we are BACK BABY!

We now are doing the show at the 8PM time slot!!!! Come out and enjoy the show!!!

It’s FREE as always!

Hosted by Shannon Coffey And Rob Michael Hugel

This month featuring: (in no particular order)

Eddie Brawley

Trevor Williams

Lisa Kleinman

Michael Fisher AKA Fish

Matt Koff

TJ Young

As always it’s free. Come by around 730 to get a good seat and enjoy the private bar in the back room! Make sure you come to the back room first! Walk to the door past the bathrooms!


Night Treasure Video Promo. A collection of footage from last month’s show. Let’s do it!


NIGHT TREASURE We are so excited for our 4th Night Treasure Variety Show. I think this is going to be a very very great show! This is our very first Friday Night Show! Click below for tickets!

WHEN: Friday November 18th, Doors open at 8, show starts at 830pm.
WHERE: 17 Frost Theatre of the Arts. 17 Frost st, Brooklyn NY 11211
(located off the L Train Lorimer stop.)
COST: $5

This month’s guests include:
Danny Jolles - Standup, Host of MOST FUN SHOW EVER

Two Fun Men - Sketch Comedy by Arthur Meyer and John Haskell of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Pangea 3000

Shady Lane - Rock band fronted by John Reaves of Laugh’s a Bitch, Strange Bedfellows webseries)

Sublet - Web Series by Boat, Amos Vernon, Mike Lane, and Nunzio Randazzo

As always hosted by That Annoying Couple, Shannon Coffey and Rob Michael Hugel.

The tickets are available online from Brown Paper Tickets

But that’s not all. Join us live over the internet via and be a part of the show starting at 8:30pm.

There is a bar with beer and wine. This is going to be a sick show and party.
Night Treasure is a SparrowTree Theatre Event






We’re really, really excited to be screening our sketch pilot at the Friars Club Film Festival next Friday! I’d be very happy if you came! You can get tickets here.

We’ll be screening with a new short from The Mantzoukous Brothers, “Night Home” starring TJ Miller and Thomas Middleditch and the premiere of a new Funny or Die Exclusive!

DO IT!  It’s looking really really great, thanks to the multi-talented Benjamin Apple who is doing some round-the-clock editing. 

It’s finally here! We worked really fucking hard on this, and thanks to Benjamin’s insane work ethic, it’s going to be great. I think you guys are really going to enjoy this!

So join us at the screening tomorrow! 

But seriously, I’m surprised Benjamin didn’t go bat shit insane. He shot, directed, co-wrote, acted in and edited this pilot/short film. AND managed to get on a harold team in the process. Benjamin Apple is legit.

Also worth of praise if Lauren Adams’ fantastic work as producer. She kept shit straight and working.

I’ll shut up now, but I’m insanely proud of this and can’t wait for people to see it!

Tonight is the night folks!

I think it’s too late to reserve tickets but show up at clearview and I bet there’s some tickets. TONIGHT!! Source: mikescollins

Night Treasure! A Sparrowtree Event
The monthly variety show hosted by
That Annoying Couple (Shannon Coffey and Rob Michael Hugel: UCB, Bread and Butter)
Returns to 17 Frost.

This month!
Jason Sáenz (stand up: UCB, Too Cool for School)
Doug Stoley (music: Dumb and Dumber Soundtrack, Late Night W Conan O’brien)
Boners 101 (video by Johnny Mcnulty and Aaron Kheifets: UCB, A-Side B-Side, College Humor TV)
and some surprises as always!

The show will stream LIVE and be interactive on Hangout Party!

Thursday August 25, Doors at 8pm. Show starts at 830!
$7 (in person) Free on the internet!

Map to 17 Frost


TONIGHT at Urban Stages, SLUG battles in Indie cagematch. Come out and vote! only 5 dollars. 1030Pm.


Today at 530 pm at UCB theatre! Check out this awesome grad show! Jodi Lennon’s Character class show. We have worked for 8 weeks on developing characters. This class is a powerhouse! Check it out!

Susan Casey
Rob Michael Hugel
Casey Jost
Dan Lyons
Matthew McGorry
Jaime Lyn Morris
Leah Spigelman
Elizabeth Starkey
Lauren Terrill

Jodi Lennon
(Comedy Central’s EXIT 57)



This is our new show NIGHT TREASURE with That Annoying Couple.
The first installment of a monthly show at 17 Frost Art Space in Williamsburg.
Come out to this show because it will be fun, funny, surprising, and crazy.
Featuring Performances by:
Jon Friedman
Caitlin Brodnick
Video by The Cheap Thriller
Music by Les Vinyl

After-party DJ’d by Hennessy.
Complimentary snacks!
Thursday July 21st . Doors at 8, show at 830pm
17 Frost space is off the L Train Lorimer stop.

This AMAZING flyer was drawn by Matt Cook


(photo by Eric Michael Pearson)

TONIGHT is another BREAD AND BUTTER show at 7pm!

This week we have 4 awesome acts.

Boris Khaykin (Comix NY, Atom TV)

Danielle Beckmann (Comic Diversity)

John Reaves (Richmond, VA)

Paul Briganti (Landline TV)

As always hosted by Shannon and I. It’s free free free and stick around after the show for Get Loose if you want more comedy.